ECOGAN Nitrogen Plants

ECOGAN is a modular, containerised cryogenic plant for the production of high-purity gaseous nitrogen. The plant is based on an extremely efficient and reliable double-column, double condenser design that uses liquid inject (LIN assist) technology as a means of refrigeration and rapid cooling.  This highly cost-effective solution is an attractive alternative to bulk deliveries, giving you independence from gas suppliers and full control over your individual gas requirements. In addition, ECOGAN can be equipped with turbines to provide the refrigeration energy or to produce liquid nitrogen, which can be stored and subsequently vaporised to provide strategic reserves of gas.

Built to the highest international standards, ECOGAN is designed for rapid installation, deployment and commissioning.  The plant is supplied on a simple, compact foundation slab with factory-assembled, pre-tested modules (warm-end container and coldbox).

ECOGAN is available in a range of sizes and can be customised to individual requirements to ensure the perfect fit for your specific application challenges. The plant supports capacities of up to 6,990 Nm³/h at purity levels of up to 99.99999% (0.1ppm) as standard.


ECOGAN can withstand even the harshest environmental conditions so is ideal for applications of any type.  The plant can be used across a host of industries from electronics and paper to petrochemicals and heat treatment, providing a steady, predictable non-stop stream of gases such as nitrogen which is essential to ensure production continuity.

The purity of these gases can also be mission-critical. In the electronics industry, for example, fabricators often require ultra-pure gases in order to develop semiconductor innovations capable of meeting tomorrow’s mobility and energy efficiency challenges.


Product Features

- Ambient temperature from –35°C to +45°C
- LIN assist operation
- Optional expansion turbine to produce liquid nitrogen
- Safe shutdown in case of power failure
- All-weather outdoor installation using climate-controlled warm-end containers
- Alarm and pre-alarm signals
- Air-cooled or water-cooled oil-free screw or turbo compressor(s) depending on turndown/efficiency requirements
- Remote communication and control for unattended operation
- Low-noise option
- Online oxygen analyzer
- Standard O₂ purity of 100 ppb
- Product pressure from 5.5 to 10.5 barg, down to 2.7 barg on request
- More than 50% turndown
- Optimized process flow


Regardless of the model type, ECOGAN systems consist of multiple process steps, each of which is dimensioned to support the target flow and pressure requirements. For added flexibility and additional reserves of liquid nitrogen, the design can include a backup system.


As a representative of Linde CryoPlants, every installation carried out is highly rewarding.  The attention to detail, from design through to the care of transportation and commissioning, is unquestionably performed to the highest of standards.

This latest installation was no exception and it was a great pleasure to visit our client's site in Lewisport, Kentucky, USA, to witness and oversee the installation of our ECOGAN 5 Coldbox, the final and key stage installation at the newly installed plant. 

Witnessing the arrival of the 49 tonne coldbox as it completed its journey to site, and then seeing it lifted from the trailer into its final location, was very exciting. Once the coldbox was successfully positioned and secured, the next task was to pipe up and install all of the external components including the instrument panel, valves, tubing, wiring and insulation.

At this critical stage of the final installation, it was essential that all components were checked and ready for installation and start up. Having assisted in identifying all of the components parts, we set about completing the last stages of installation, safely and efficiently. The entire process was carried out without any interruption or delay -  it was hugely gratifying to be part of the team and witness the first start up of the coldbox.

The Coldbox is now fully installed and integrated with the rest of the plant. The entire operation was a great team achievement and it was a special privilege to represent Linde Crypolants on this project - I am extremely proud to have been a part of it and we wish our customer great, continued success.

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