LOX Oxygen Plants

The LOX 40 and 80 are standard series plant for on-site generation of high purity oxygen for industrial and medical applications. The LOX 40 produces 40 Nm³/hr and the LOX 80 produces 80 Nm³/hr (2.5 tpd) of liquid oxygen and com­prises factory assembled modular units installed into a 40ft ISO type equipment container. This construction allows quick simple installation on site.

The plant is suitable for world-wide installation and is air cooled as standard. The LOX plants produce high purity liquid oxygen into a liquid tank. Oxygen gas for cylinders filling can be produced from stored liquid by means of a high-pressure liquid pump and evaporation unit.


LOX 80 is suitable for:

- Hospitals
- Cylinder filling
- Industrial welding
- Steel industry
- Chemicals
- Metallurgy
- Oil and gas

Product Features

- Compact design and simple installation
- Containerised design for reduced installation time at site
- Air cooled plants as standard, water cooling is optional
- Automatic plant operation
- Remote plant status and reporting capability as standard
- Telementry support available from Linde CryoPlants
- Oxygen purity 99.8 % for medical and welding applications
- Liquid oxygen product pressure to customer specifications
- Both gaseous and liquid oxygen available from the plant
- Additional options for direct integration into a pipeline
- High pressure cylinder filling rig available as an optional item
- PLC controlled with touch screen control panel
- Fail safe operation in the event of malfunction


Atmospheric air is filtered and compressed. Car­bon dioxide water and residual oil are removed in an air purification unit. The air then passes into a cold box where it is cooled, liquefied and distilled to yield high purity liquid oxygen, which is collected in a liquid storage tank. Liquid can be either transferred into transportable tanks or compressed into a liquid pump and vaporised to provide ambient temperature gaseous oxygen for cylinder filling.

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