LINIT Liquid Nitrogen Plants

LINIT is a standard plant for the on-site production and supply of liquid nitrogen. These plants operate in unattended mode to supply liquid nitrogen into a tank. The turbine liquefaction technology is gas-lubricated and consequently maintenance-free.

The standard range includes plants with capacities of 20 to 120 l/h. The cryogenic rectification process allows purities of 99.995% to be achieved. Nitrogen gas can be produced from stored liquid reserves to fill cylinders.


Linde CryoPlants supply LINIT plants both directly and via international consultants into educational and agricultural projects funded by the world’s major aid organisations and to many industrial sectors, including:

- Cylinder filling
- Automotive industry
- Electronics industry
- Vaccine storage centres
- Animal breeding centres
- Astronomical observatories
- Scientific research centres
- Beverages industry

Product Features

- Modular, containerised design for easy installation on simple foundations
- Factory acceptance test (FAT) before despatch to demonstrate production rate
- Automatic unattended operation
- Auto re-start after a power outage
- Start up by means of a simple touch screen at the central control panel
- Control system based upon plc controller
- Annunciation of safety device in event that plant operation is stopped
- Suited to continuous or intermittent operation
- Purifier eliminates any need for defrosting
- Operates under all climatic conditions
- Fully air cooled as standard
- Requires only an electrical supply
- Atmospheric air provides the cold box refrigerant - no requirement for helium gas
- Purity ranging from 99.5 % to 99.995 %
- Product pressure ranging up to 5 barg
- Maintenance-free cryogenic turbine permits simple plant maintenance


Atmospheric air is filtered and compressed before carbon dioxide water and residual hydro­carbons are removed in an air purification unit. The air then passes into the cold box where it is cooled and liquefied by a maintenance-free gas lubricated turbine.

The liquid air is distilled in a distillation column to yield pure nitrogen gas which is condensed in a condenser to yield pure liquid nitrogen at pressures up to 5 barg and with a purity ranging from a standard 99.5 % to 99.995 %. The liquid nitrogen transfers auto­matically into a storage tank.

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