GAN Nitrogen Plants

The GAN range of nitrogen plants are containerised air separation systems offering reliable and easy operation. It supports production rates of up to 3,900 Nm³/h of nitrogen gas and of up to 325 Nm³/h of liquid nitrogen. Using a cryogenic air separation process, they deliver purity levels of up to 99.9995% as standard. The GAN plant range is equipped with turbines that provide the refrigeration energy for the cryogenic distillation process. Liquid nitrogen can be stored and subsequently vaporised to provide strategic reserves of gas.

Our GAN range is equipped with turbines to provide the cooling power required for cryogenic distillation. This results in a steady stream of gaseous nitrogen and strategic reserves of liquid nitrogen that can be stored and vaporised on demand to supplement your gaseous stream.


Many industries – from oil and gas to pharmaceuticals – rely on a steady, cost-effective stream of gases such as nitrogen. Gas supply can even be a crucial enabler in developing new market opportunities. This is particularly true of the glass industry, where operators are under pressure to increase float glass capacity to supply new construction projects.

Fueled by rising demand for mobile phones, the electronics industry is also challenged to increase capacity. In this sector, purity is often mission-critical – with levels of 99.9999% (1 ppm O₂) and above sometimes required. For these mission-critical applications, security of supply is a key success factor – especially in remote or difficult-to-access regions.

Product Features

- Ambient temperature from –35C to +45C
- Compact, containerised design for ease of transport and installation
- Simultaneous availability of gaseous and liquid nitrogen
- Fail-safe operation in the event of a malfunction
- LIN tanks and vaporizer can be integrated with plant control system for uninterrupted supplies
- Air-cooled plants and water-cooled options
- Automatic plant operation including load tracking
- Remote operation from central control room
- Telemetry support available from Linde CryoPlants
- Standard plant purity to 1 ppm of O₂. Higher purity up to 0.1 ppm of O₂ available on request
- Product pressure from 4 to 10 barg available (model-specific)
- GAN plants are capable of more than 50% turndown


Optimised process flow regardless of the model, GAN systems consist of multiple process steps, each of which is dimensioned to support the target flow and pressure requirements.

For added flexibility and additional reserves of liquid nitrogen, the design includes a backup system.

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