About Us

Over the past 140 years, Linde plc has successfully delivered more than 4,000 plant engineering projects around the globe, of which 250 have been installed by Linde Cryoplants, part of Linde plc. Favouring trusted, lasting business relationships, we collaborate closely with customers to enhance plant lifecycle productivity and innovate process flows.

Linde Cryoplants’ proven expertise plays an indispensable role in the success of customers across multiple industries – from natural gas and oil refining through petrochemicals and fertilizers to electronics and metal processing.

Operational excellence along the entire plant lifecycle

We work closely with our customers to gain an in-depth understanding of individual needs. Building on the unique synergies of Linde as an integrated plant operator and engineering company, Linde offers innovative process technologies and services to exceed our customers’ reliability and profitability expectations. This commitment to innovation extends along the entire plant lifecycle.

Our specialist service team supports customers every step of the way – from maintenance and repairs to full revamp and modifications. Leveraging the latest digital technologies to offer on-site and remote operational and support services, we consistently take asset performance to the next level.

From the desert to the Arctic, from small- to world-scale, from standardised to customised designs, Linde’s engineering specialists develop solutions that operate under all conditions.

Our customers favour and trust us because we provide full support that covers every step in the design, project management and construction of our containerised cryogenic air separation plants and components – anywhere in the world.